Feb 2023

Georgia Tennett


Meet Georgia Tennett. Social butterfly and fan of Italian food, Georgia is a happy, smiling presence in our HR office and always on hand with a kind word or two if you aren’t having the best day!

We asked Georgia about her role, here at Moran:

I am still pretty early on, in my career in HR, having joined Moran as an HR assistant. I am now on my journey into HR management, operating as a Trainee HR Advisor and working on my CIPD qualifications. In a couple of years’ time, I hope to have completed my Level 5 CIPD qualification in leadership & management and be working in a managerial role. Moran is a really supportive organisation in terms of personal development and professional growth, which makes it a great place to work!

I always think that HR is the beating heart of any company, and, in its simplest terms, my job is all about ensuring our people are safe and happy at work. I take a real pride in helping to make the difference for our team, every day.

And in terms of company values….?

“We value and respect our people” is the key values statement which resonates most. It mirrors my personal values both in and out of the workplace and it’s really evident here.

And what is the most exciting thing you are working on right now?

I am lucky enough to be working on a number of projects, all of which are contributing to making our HR paperless. Sustainability is so important and logistics is traditionally paper-heavy – so all departments have to do “their bit” to improve. We aren’t too bad, but we can always be better!

I also contribute to a wider team effort around process improvement in the business. As a growing organisation, we always need to ensure we are up to date in terms of HR policy and procedures – assisting with that is also something which is good for my professional development. It’s a “win-win”!