Moran Logistics

Our responsibility

At Moran, we recognise that logistics and supply chain have a heavy carbon footprint and, as such, all companies in this arena need to work particularly hard at driving our emissions down.

There are challenges associated with diesel fuel as a mainstay of transport and refrigeration, but technology is opening doors for us all of the time and we continue to work on new partnerships and initiatives every day.

At Moran, our target is Net Zero by 2030 and we are already on our way through engaging in more sustainable practices.

CNG Trucks

Changing our fleet

The obvious place for us to look at carbon reduction is in our fleet – so that’s exactly what we’ve done. We already have a comprehensive vehicle replacement programme in place, but we are putting extra investment into alternative fuel sources for some of our operations which are dropping carbon emissions by as much as 90% versus a diesel-centred operating model.

Our new fleet additions are 13 litre Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Scania trucks and as well as the CO2 benefits, these amazing lorries also meet the PIEK noise limitation standards, so they are quiet as well as clean.

Our fleet replacement programme will see a further 15 CNG trucks in 2023, with 30 more to follow in 2024, as well as trialling other alternative fuel sources, as we stretch out towards Net Zero in 2030.

Carbon Neutral Warehousing

Clean Energy

Moran Logistics pride themselves on having great warehousing, operating with the latest technology – enabling us to deliver quality services for all of our customers every single day of the year.

Chilled warehousing is particularly energy intensive, so we have made the decision to invest in clean energy, from renewable sources to power all of our properties.

We are also mindful of our office space and use sensor array lighting so that we can provide safe working environments 24 hours a day, but not “leave the candles burning” unnecessarily. This helps us utilise our resources as efficiently as possible, with no unnecessary lighting on in our buildings when not in use.

Environmental Initiatives

reducing our carbon footprint

We remain fully committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Working closely with UK retail customers, we design and deliver ambient double deck trailers to support the reduction of carbon emissions.

By optimising use of transport within our network, we reduce occurrences of trailers being empty post-delivery, driving carbon efficiency and value in our operations.

Our evaluation of what we do is constant, and a culture of continuous improvement pervades throughout the Moran Logistics organisation. We actively promote sustainable practices across the business and collaborate with customers to develop mutually beneficial solutions to these difficult challenges.

Recently, we have onboarded a new system to help us track and reduce our organisational emissions. EcoOnline is a well-respected and widely used industry software toolkit, which not only helps Moran with compliance, but drives us to make carbon-positive change within our business more quickly and properly measured.

In the last 12 months alone, Moran has seen a reduced fuel emissions carbon footprint to the order of 5,631 tonnes versus the previous year. Our CNG trucks produce 165,330 fewer tonnes of CO2 per 100,000kms travelled.

Logistics will remain challenging from a carbon reduction perspective, but we believe that investment, commitment, and collaboration with our customers and even our competitors will continue to yield dividends and positive contributions to the environment.