Feb 2023


More New Scanias Join the Moran Fleet

We are delighted to announce the arrival of more new Scanias, here at Moran House in Castle Donington. The additions are important to us, as they signify our fleet becoming fully Euro VI compliant for 2023.

Thanks go to our trading partners at Keltruck for working with us on this latest acquisition.

These, in addition to our continued commitment to alternative fuel sources – notably Compressed Natural Gas, are all key steps in our journey to NET ZERO by 2030. In Logistics, the transport hurdle is a challenging one to vault, especially if you drive millions of kilometres every year!

Our warehousing has been powered by renewables for some time now, but running a sustainable fleet is never easy. These new tractor units are more efficient than those they replace and they are already a hit with our driver teams.

Scania have done a great job of improving the driver experience with cab upgrades and quality materials – we always say that if you look after your kit, it will look after you.

We always want our drivers to have quality kit, as they are on the front line with customers every day and ambassadors for the Moran Logistics brand. Featured in the picture is one of our award winning drivers, Nigel Honey, with one of our shiny new units.