Dec 2020


Moran Sustainability

We are committed to achieving our environmental goals at Moran Logistics and are looking to continuously improve our standard. As a business and an industry we understand our impact on the environment and are working on various project to reduce our carbon footprint as a business.

One of the idea’s we have been trialing recently with Vovlo is using alternative fuels such as LNG to power our tractor units. We trialed the brand new Volvo FH LNG model for over a month and saw some fantastic results which will aid us on our journey to reducing our impact. Moran specialise in fast paced multi-drop chilled deliveries with over 1600 locations visited daily and we haven’t seen an impact on service with the LNG vehicle versus a traditional diesel combustion engine. These initiatives is what lead us to win the Environmental and Sustainability Award 2020 at the TCS&D virtual awards.

We are continuously looking to improve what we do and are consulting with the market to explore the newest technologies… watch this space!