May 2023

For those about to rock

For those about to rock….

🎸 Back in Black 🎸, as well as being an anthemic AC/DC song, is also the latest theme for our ongoing Health & Safety work. Coupling and Uncoupling of trailers is a potentially risky business, which requires an attention to detail and process, to get it right, every time.

The B.L.A.C.K process gives drivers the structure to ensure that trailers are uncoupled and coupled in the correct, safe manner, every time. So here’s the order of doing things in uncoupling.

(apply the park brake on the trailer)
(lower the trailer legs to ensure it is safely supported, before the tractor unit is removed)
(disconnect the airlines and electrical suzies)
(this is the safety device which stops the kingpin being released accidentally)
(coupling locking device, which attaches the trailer to the tractor unit)

Of course, there is more detail behind this, but this is a LI post, not a training manual! 🎓

All of the Moran Logistics team are being quizzed by our QHSE team to see what they know….

Health and safety at work is everybody’s responsibility, so we want everyone to be aware of what our drivers need to do – even if it isn’t part of their job role.

Recognising and appreciating that safe process affects us all. That’s what responsible logistics is all about.