Jan 2023


#meetmoran: Adam Marchenko

Here at Moran, we know that “our people are the business” and we thought it a good idea to introduce you to a few of them! Our #meetmoran posts, here on the website, will feature some of our many star performers who do a dizzying array of different things right across the organisation.

We are going to start with Adam Marchenko – National Health & Safety Manager, Dad to an 11 year-old, Nottingham Forest fan, Gym regular (so he can keep up with his sporty son!) and resident ‘foodie’ here on the second floor at Moran House.

We asked Adam to summarize his role:

“My primary role is to provide support and guidance to all colleagues within the business, to ensure we operate safely and within legislation. I always look at ways to improve how we operate within the realms of safety, be it through improvements in technology or simple process changes. I am also a big believer in positive engagement with the workforce and encourage everyone to report any unsafe acts or conditions so we can use leading indicators to prevent harm.”

And in terms of company values….?

“The saying goes ‘we are nothing without our people’ and I believe that. We have so many good people doing good work within our business, working hard for all our customers. Without them we wouldn’t achieve what we do. They are a pleasure to work with. (mostly) 😄 ”

And what is the most exciting thing you are working on right now?

“Culture development. It is the biggest challenge most businesses will face when trying to improve their H&S performance. It becomes exciting when you see H&S at the heart of the business. You see people go from a “It won’t happen to me” attitude, to then seeing them challenge others’ behaviours and holding each other accountable. You can never be complacent, and the process never ends.”