Jan 2023


Don’t be a mug – Get Out And Look.

Driving a Heavy Goods Vehicle is often a challenging job and whilst we have some brilliantly talented drivers in the Moran Logistics team, we never take health & safety for granted; particularly when there are hazardous situations, they face every single day.

Reversing a vehicle requires not only driving ability, but patience and situational awareness of the highest standard. Almost 60% of all commercial vehicle accidents involve reversing and there are always several hazards to consider in any reversing situation. Even at low speeds, HGV’s can damage people and property with alarming ease. It is a serious matter.

Checking around your vehicle before reversing is the best way of avoiding an accident. Look for pedestrians, road or site hazards, and any objects you can’t see in your mirrors.

The logistics industry has long adopted the acronym G.O.A.L; Get Out And Look. It’s a simple premise and one which works, so we have worked in partnership with our Insurance Brokers, Andrew Bourne & Company to deliver all of our permanent drivers a practical gift of a brand new “Get Out And Look” refillable coffee mug.

This is a great in-cab reminder for all of our drivers to ensure that “If you aren’t sure, Get Out And Look.”

Our thanks go to Dave Crowther and all the team at Andrew Bourne & Company for supporting this valuable initiative.